Trusted with Millions

The trading team behind the investments have been trusted to handle millions of pounds from the UK, Europe and elsewhere around the globe. Helping hundreds of people realise their savings goals and out performing the high street banks and off the shelf ISAs.


How do we trade?

The investments are held in fully liquid asset classes such as major Forex currencies and major indicies stocks.

Why choose us?

Why would you choose IG Global? Well here are 6 of the best reasons.

A lifetime of experience

We've been doing this for a very long time. We know exactly when to buy and when to sell.

Many different options

Once you have set your sights on a specific savings goal, create an account and deposit your funds. You are now earning interest.

We're always available

By using our mobile app or online portal, you can view your interest being deposited daily and watch your savings grow.

Instant acceptance

With no credit checks, lengthy KYC forms or special checks your money can be invested within minutes.

Guaranteed interest

Unlike a lot of investments we can actually guarantee the interest on our Instant Access Fund. No need to worry!

Fast withdrawals

You can withdraw at any time and your money can be in your chosen bank account within 3 days (but usually sooner).

Join us and Invest

If you're ready to go ahead and start investing, all you need to do is create yourself an account and deposit your savings.

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